TKD Cycle 8 Keyboard Kit

Attention!! Groupbuy! Expected time of delivery Q4 2024

  • Keyboard case of your choice (Anodized or Coated)
  • A plate of your choice (Alu, FR4 or PC)
  • PCB of your choice (Solder, Hotswap, 3-Modes, RAKKA)
  • Internal cover of your choice(Alu, SS, or Brass)
  • External Weight of your choice(Brushed/Polished or Brushed/PVD)
  • PCB Stabilizer
  • Gasket Silicone beans
  • Gasket Silicone O-rings
  • Dampener kit
  • Feet
  • Keyboard bag

Rakka HE PCB includes magnetic Gateron Jade switches